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In 2016, having by then established their own style and creative universe, the three musicians presented their first project "Échos de la Terre" at the Espace Senghor in Brussels. Currently, they continue to present this project at different festivals and venues in Belgium, especially at Flagey in Brussels and the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Charleroi, while at the same time developing their second project, centered around new compositions from Belgian artists, created for the occasion.

In the Spring 2019, the trio won a third prize in the chamber music category of the international competition Opus organized by the Life and Art Foundation. At the same occasion, the three musicians also received the special prize for the best performance of the contemporary piece written after 1950.

They are actually working on their new project "Détours ouverts" wich is based on belgians compositions. 

Improvisation with electronical music takes a spot in their universe thanks to a collaboration with the musician Nicolas Marchant.

The Trio O3, winner of the Supernova Competition 2018, is composed of Eugénie Defraigne, Léna Kollmeier and Lydie Thonnard. The three members came to know each other through their common interest in contemporary music. They decided to work together and form a trio in 2014 while discovering and playing "Vox Balaenae" by George Crumb. Training themselves in 20th-century and improvisational music, they have been collaborating as a trio with musicians like Michel Massot, François Deppe, Vincent Royer, Mia Elezovic, Olivier Vanderschaeghe, Jean-Pol Zanutel, Eric Leleux, Toon Fret, Kim Van den Brempt and Bart Bouckaert.


Continuously searching new sounds to explore, the Trio O3 approaches the contemporary repertoire with audacity, sensitivity and poetry!



Born in 1991, Eugénie grew up with music and was very quickly attracted to the cello in particular. She first took cello lessons at the music school in Marche-en-Famenne and then at the “Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Liège” in the class of Jean-Pol Zanutel. During her studies and in the context of multiple masterclasses she had the opportunity to work with several great cellists like Jeanne Maisonhaute, Pieter Wispelwey, Marc Coppey and Philippe Bary. Around the same time she also developed a passion for chamber music following excellent experiences under the supervision of François Deppe, Vincent Royer and Olivier Vanderschagen.

Being generally curious and very interested in contemporary music, Eugénie has collaborated a lot with composers of both her own school and the city of Liège. She also familiarised herself with electro-acoustic music and had the chance to work with the composer Marcin Stanczyck at the IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique) on the occasion of a collaboration with the CNSM in Paris.

With her master’s degree obtained in June 2014, Eugénie performed  during two years with the ensemble Musiques Nouvelles (conducted by Jean-Paul Dessy) in places like the Arsonic theatre, Bozar or the Flagey studios and continues to work with present-day composers in various workshops.

Always on the lookout for new artistic experiences, Eugénie also participates in numerous trainings for free improvisation and jazz, be it for music or dance. This open spirit already made this eclectic musician participate in different shows mixing dance, theatre or poetry...

Her urge for creation manifests itself in her group "Lago" (folk/pop/progressive), which published its first EP “The Spider is Gone” in November 2017 and which just signed with "Roxrecords" Label.

Eugénie also performs chamber music with Trio O3, a contemporary music trio she founded in 2014 alongside Lydie Thonnard and Léna Kollmeier.

In parallel to her activities, Eugénie teaches cello at the “Conservatoire de Ciney”.



Lydie Thonnard has been immersed in music from early childhood onwards. While she soon made first attempts at the piano and was attracted to everything just faintly connected to music, it was through dance that she first approached the world of arts. She started to take piano lessons at the music school in Malmedy at the age of six. Always eager to try out new things, she discovers the flute two years later, and it is this instrument that in 2008 motivates her to take up studies at the “Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Liège”. It is here that she approaches chamber music with great enthusiasm and also develops the urge to share her passion. During her studies she has been working alongside Toon Fret, Vincent Royer, François Deppe and Michel Massot, crossing musical styles and eras from baroque to modern jazz. During the studies for her master’s degree in music teaching she continues her education in classical music under Valérie Debaele.


Being curious and constantly on the search for novelties, she likes to discover other cultures and education styles. This is why she took part in an educational project organised in Ecuador and also travelled to Morocco and India to meet up with local traditional musicians.

She participates in the world of arts in several functions: e.g. as the director of a choir, by organising concerts or by conducting music courses. Currently she teaches music education in several schools in Brussels and continues her own training in courses given by musicians from the world of folk and jazz like Philippe Laloy, Marie-Sophie Talbot 9 and Manu Hermia. She regularly performs in different locations with different groups such as Les surprises du chef (under the direction of Michel Massot), Cassys (world music/jazz), the “Vibrations” ensemble, consisting of seven flutes, as well as Auster Loo (world/alternative music). The latter group, a project she shares with percussionist Simon Leleux, recorded the album “Rhythm & Breath” for the Belgian label Home Records in June 2016.


Alongside Eugénie Defraigne and Léna Kollmeier she has been part of the contemporary music trio O3 since its creation in 2014. In parallel, Lydie teaches in differents music school in Brussels and conducts various workshops centred around the voice, creativity and rhythmical body percussion.



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Léna Kollmeier, Belgian pianist, mastered her instrument remarkably well at an early age. This naturally led her to being accepted as a young talent by Liège Conservatoire, at the age of 15. She obtained her Master of Arts in piano with honours from Brussels Conservatoire after having studied with teachers such as Daniel Blumenthal, Pierre Thomas and Etienne Rappe. She has also actively participated masterclasses taught by Dominique Cornil, Natacha Zdobnova, Dana Protopopescu and Boyan Vodenitcharov.

At the age of 17, she won First Prize at the Dexia Classics Competition and performed a recital in the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels which marked the beginning of her career. She soon had the pleasure of performing with various orchestras, and has appeared as a soloist and chamber musician throughout Europe, the United States and the Caribbean, in prestigious venues like the Carnegie Hall in New York, the Philharmonie in Luxembourg, El Ateneo in Madrid and the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Santo Domingo.


Léna Kollmeier is co-founder of the DUO ROSA, together with soprano Stephany Ortega since 2014. The duo launched their first album « Return » in 2016 in the Philharmonie Luxembourg, under the label Etcetera Records. They followed up on their release with a promotional tour - Return World Tour - across 18 cities around the world.